Private CDs

*Please note that these arrangements apply to Northern Ireland only and practitioners working elsewhere should seek local guidance about private CD prescribing*

The majority of CD prescribing by health practitioners will be carried out under the Health Service (HS), however there may be occasions when private or non-HS prescribing is required for either stock and/or named patients.

Named Patients

If it is necessary to prescribe a Schedule 2 or 3 controlled drug in a private capacity for a named patient, prescribers must use a PCD1 form.  Any prescriber wishing to obtain a pad of PCD1 forms needs to complete a PCD1 application form (available below) and retu


If Schedule 2 or 3 CD stock is required for private or non-HS purposes, a CDRF1 must be completed.* The form together with guidance notes for use (on reverse) can be downloaded below. A CDRF1 form should be downloaded each time it is required.

*Before completing a PCD1 application form, or a CDRF1 form, prescribers /organisations should read the resources below.

Document NameDateFile Description
Example: Northern Ireland CD Stock Requisition Form (Schedules 2+3) - CDRF1 Nov 2019 Example CDRF1 Form
Guidance on Private Prescribing of Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs - (Stock and Named Patients) Nov 2019
HSCB Letter to GPs - Prescribing for Temporary Residents Oct 2012
HSCB PCD 1 Application Form Apr 2019
Northern Ireland Controlled Drug Stock Requisition Form (Schedules 2 & 3)- CDRF1 Form Nov 2019 CDRFI Form

Prescription Security Guidance